I’m undertaking creating Wikipedia, the (in)famous cost-free encyclopaedia, offered traditional, for a project in a school in remote Zambia where Internet connection are going to be slow, costly and untrustworthy.

I’m undertaking creating Wikipedia, the (in)famous cost-free encyclopaedia, offered traditional, for a project in a school in remote Zambia where Internet connection are going to be slow, costly and untrustworthy.

Exactly what I’m looking for is actually:

  • Perfectly brick and mortar operation
  • Goes on Linux
  • Reasonable range of content from french Wikipedia, ultimately along with some videos
  • Looks and feels similar to the Wikipedia website (for example viewed through a browser)
  • Search term browse for example the Wikipedia site

Means having inbuilt search-engines usually require merely grab a websites and pages dump document from Wikipedia (about 3 GB grab) and then create a search list, which could simply take from 30 minutes to five days.

For an unbarred source draw that appears essentially suitable for getting used offline, and considering the quantity attention, you can find unexpectedly number of options (previously produced). Furthermore they required quite a while to locate, thus I’m collating the details within anticipation that it’ll assist other individuals. The following simple perceptions of this possibilities that I’ve tried yet, gathered from several root contains makeuseof.

One Real Wikipedia, for evaluation

MediaWiki (the Wikipedia wiki tools) can be downloaded and attached to some type of computer set up as an AMP server (Apache, MySQL, PHP). Then you can import a Wikipedia data remove and use the wiki brick and mortar. This really really an intricate techniques, and importing brings a long time, about 4 time when it comes to documents by themselves (on a 3 GHz P4). Seemingly it does take times to make the google search listing (I’m testing this right now). Using this method comes without any imagery, since looks dump happens to be apparently 75 GB, with out a bit longer definitely seems to be offered, and it displays some strange template codes into the content (revealed in reddish below) which might befuddle customers.

Mediawiki regional installing

Wikipedia choices for classes try a static websites, produced by Wikimedia and SOS Childrens Villages, with a hand-chosen and inspected variety of posts through the principal Wikipedia, and design, that are great for on a DVD or 3GB of drive place. It’s accessible to free download using BitTorrent, that is quite sluggish. Although it seems like Wikipedia, it’s a static website, hence whilst it’s easy to set, it’s got no google search attribute. Additionally it has only 5,500 documents set alongside the 2 million in Wikipedia itself (about 0.25%). Another overview is included in the Speed of imagination webpage. Older forms come here. (regards BBC)

Wikipedia Selection for Schooling

Zipedia happens to be a Firefox tool which tons and indexes a Wikipedia remove data. It will require a separate dump document, that contains the newest metadata (8 GB) as opposed to the typical one (3 GB). After that you can receive Wikipedia traditional in internet browser by going to a URL for instance wikipedia://wiki. It does not support design, while the research characteristic just queries document championships, not just his or her elements. You can passing the indexed data between individuals as a Zip document to conserve time and bandwidth, and you will have the option to discuss this file between multiple users on a pc or a community. (gratitude Ghacks.net)

WikiTaxi is definitely a free of charge computers running Windows product which also loads and spiders Wikipedia dispose of computer files. They have its interface, which exhibits Wikipedia formatting appropriately (for example game tables). It seems good, nevertheless’s unfortunate which does not run using Linux.

WikiTaxi screenshot (wikitaxi.org)

Moulin Wiki is actually a project to produce open starting point offline distributions of Wikipedia information, in accordance with the Kiwix web browser. They promise that their 150 MB Arabic type includes a remarkable 70,000 articles, understanding that their own 1.5 GB French version provides the entire French Wikipedia, much more than 700,000 information. Sorry to say they haven’t yet but introduced an English adaptation.

Kiwix by itself could be used to browse a downloaded discard file, thus offering access to all the English Wikipedia through the 3 GB down load. They works on Linux just (as far as https://datingmentor.org/uzbekistan-chat-rooms/ I understand) while the graphical user interface is a customised model of the Firefox browser. Unfortuitously We possibly could not have it to construct on Ubuntu Hardy due to an incompatible difference in Xulrunner. (Kiwix builders informed me that an innovative new type will be introduced prior to the stop of December 2008, but Having beenn’t able to try it but).

Kiwix (and in all likelihood MoulinWiki)

Wikipedia Dump Reader try a KDE product which browses Wikipedia throw data. It generates a crawl on first-run, which grabbed 5 time on a 3 GHz P4, and you can’t work with it until it’s completed. It will don’t need extracting or uncompressing the dump file, therefore’s effective on drive place, and you can duplicate or discuss the crawl between personal computers. The display has ordinary phrases, therefore appears nothing like Wikipedia, and also it consists of some peculiar technique programs during the productivity which often can mistake customers.

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